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Iran Economic Headlines in First Week of November

1. China’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hua Chunying: China’s lawful trade cooperation with Iran should be respected. (Reuters)

2. Hossein Yaqoubi-Miab, Central Bank of Iran’s deputy for international affairs: Europeans won’t let go of trade with Iran. (IRNA)

3. Minister of Industries, Mining and Trade Reza Rahmani: Stabilizing prices is the top priority of the ministry. (Mehr News Agency)

4. Iranian National Tax Administration Director Kamel Taqavinejad: Tax revenues make up 50% of Iran’s national income. (Shada)

5. Ali Asghar Mounesan, the head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization: Iran’s tourism sector registered 51% growth in the first half of the current [Iranian] year [started March 21]. (Fars News Agency)

6. CEO of Central Organization for Rural Cooperatives of Iran Hossein Shirzad: Iran’s saffron exports met 96% of the global market demand last year. (ILNA)

7. Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare Mohammad Shariatmadari: The ministry is looking to reduce value added tax for manufacturers. (ISNA)

8. Managing Director of Iran Energy Exchange Ali Hosseini: Disclosing crude oil buyers’ identity is a felony offense; customers’ information remains confidential. (Mehr News Agency)

9. Javad Hosseinzadeh, the deputy head of the Statistical Center of Iran: Iran’s census data collection system is outdated. (IRNA)

10. Chairman of Iran Feed Industry Association Majid Movafeq Qadiri: Iran’s livestock, poultry and fish feed industrial units are working at 50% of their nominal capacity. (Otaghiranonline.ir)

11. Omid Hajati, the head of Khuzestan Management and Planning Organization: Khuzestan has the highest rate of domestic outbound migration among all Iranian provinces. (Amar.org.ir)

12. Minister of Roads and Urban Development Mohammad Eslami: Salam Terminal will double Imam Khomeini International Airport’s passenger capacity, once it comes on stream. (IRNA)

13. Goudarz Khordadpour, the deputy head of Iran Tea Organization: A fourth of Iran’s demand for tea is produced domestically. (Mehr News Agency)

14. Secretary of the Association of Iranian Airlines Maqsoud Asadi-Samani: Don’t expect airline ticket prices to fall! (ILNA)

15. Managing Director of Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran Mohammad Rastad: The private sector has invested 120 trillion rials [$800 million] in Iranian ports. (news.mrud.ir)

16. Governor General of Kermanshah Province Houshang Bazvand: Kermanshah attracted $43 million worth of foreign investments in the first half of the current [Iranian] year [March 21-Sept. 22]. (IRNA)

17. Chairman of Majlis Urban Development Commission Mohammad Reza Rezaei: As many as 4.5 million new housing units are needed in Iran. (Mehr News Agency)